Our Group : Non-Profit Organization


Contact Person:

Director: Steve Muanza, CPPM Marseille (CNRS IN2P3)

Phone:+33 (0)4 91 82 72 75      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Email: muanza@in2p3.fr

Coordinator: Christine Darve, Chicago, FNAL

Phone:+1 630 359 7017
Email: darve@fnal.gov


International Organizing Committee

B. Acharya (ICTP, Trieste) bacharya@ictp.trieste.it

K. Assamagan* (BNL) ketevi@bnl.gov

H. Bachacou (CEA) henri.bachacou@cern.ch

C. Darve* (FNAL) christine.darve@cern.ch

J. Ellis* (CERN) John.Ellis@cern.ch

E. G. Ferreiro (U. Santiago de Compostela) Elena.Gonzalez.Ferreiro@cern.ch

J. Govaerts (Louvain U., B) Jan.Govaerts@uclouvain.be

J. Huston (MSU, Michigan) huston@pa.msu.edu

M. Kado (LAL, Orsay) kado@lal.in2p3.fr
Y-K. Kim (FNAL Deputy Director, USA) ykkim@fnal.gov
H. Montgomery (JLAB Director, USA) mont@jlab.org

S. Muanza* (CPPMMarseille, CNRS IN2P3) muanza@in2p3.fr

S. Narison (LPTA, Montpellier) snarison@yahoo.fr

P. Skands (CERN) peter.skands@cern.ch


Local Organizing Committee

B. Becker (SA Grid, SA) brucellino@gmail.com

J. Cleymans (U. of Cape Town, SA) Jean.Cleymans@uct.ac.za

S. Connell* (U. of Johannesburg, SA) simonhconnell@gmail.com

A. Dabrowski* (CERN, CH) Anne.Evelyn.Dabrowski@cern.ch

H. Gray (Columbia U., USA) Heather.Gray@cern.ch

C. Lee (U. of Johannesburg, SA) claire@cern.ch

T. Vickey* (U. Wits, SA) Trevor.Vickey@cern.ch

Z. Vilakazi (iThemba LABS, Cape Town, SA) zzv@tlabs.ac.za


Honorary Members

B. Bardeen (Fermilab, USA) bardeen@fnal.gov

I. Giomataris (CEA, F) iao@hep.saclay.cea.fr

L. Lederman (Fermilab, USA) lederman@fnal.gov - Nobel Laureate


Administrative and Financial expertise is provided by Mrs. A. M. Ferrer (IN2P3 & ICBMS, Lyon). The Organizing Committee further relies on two external advisors with extensive experience on organizing schools of physics, Mrs. D. Metral (CERN) and Dr. E. Lillestol (CERN & U. of Bergen).